ION DrumRocker Premium Drum Set For Rock Band 2 - Nintendo Wii

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Drum Rocker leverer den mest realistiske tromme-oplevelse. Til rådighed for enhver gamer, uanset platform. Det er fordi den blev bygget af ingeniører på Alesis, en af ​​de største producenter af professionelle elektroniske trommer i verden.

ION DrumRocker Premium Drum Set For Rock Band 2 - Nintendo Wii

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Drum Rocker delivers the most realistic drumming experience available to any gamer, regardless of platform. That's because it was built by the engineers at Alesis, one of the largest manufacturers of professional electronic drums in the world. As a result, you get a kit that's designed to take a real beating, with all the positioning flexibility that professional drummers demand. While other drum controllers lock you down to a pre-molded plastic array of pads, Drum Rocker's professional aluminum drum rack lets you position your snare, tom and cymbal pads wherever you want. When you're ready to move from playing Rock Band to playing in a rock band, you can swap the game controller module with one of the professional drum brains made by Alesis, and you're ready to hit the road for real!

Drum Rocker's velocity-sensitive drum pads feature a playing surface that is much quieter than other drum controllers. They also feel great - the stick rebound off of the pad is much more natural and consistent than anything else available. The pad housing is made of high-impact plastic, designed to be whacked on stage night after night. No matter how much you punish them, the Drum Rocker drum pads can take it.

The pads are mounted to the drum rack with a metal L-Arm and clamp system, which allows them to be tilted, swiveled, raised and lowered to whatever position you want. Just one warning - once you play these pads, nothing else will do!

There's nothing like finishing a monster fill by whacking a crash cymbal. Or crossing over to play your hi-hat with your right hand while you keep the backbeat on the snare with your left. Or keeping time on a ride cymbal during the chorus. Drum Rocker lets you do all that and more, with cymbals that can be placed anywhere around the kit.

Drum Rocker comes with two cymbals and mounting hardware out of the box, and a third cymbal is available as an optional accessory. You get to decide how you want to use the two cymbals that come with the kit - set them up as a hi-hat/crash, crash/ride or hi-hat/ride combination, then add the third cymbal to round out the kit.

The kick drum pedal with any drum controller takes a lot of abuse. No need to worry with Drum Rocker - this pedal is all metal and built to last! It's also got the right amount of tension to replicate the feeling of playing a real drum pedal, and we're even building an accessory pedal to allow for double-pedal setups.

The pedal comes with VELCRO and retractable spikes, so you can be sure it will stay put. You're not limited to where you place it either - put the kick pedal wherever you feel most comfortable playing it.

Create your own custom setup with the Cymbal Expansion Pack and Double Kick Expansion Pedal. Have a seat on the ION Drum Throne, and when you're ready to take your playing beyond the Rock Band Game, the Alesis DM5 Professional Drum Sound Module is a great choice for standalone drumming.

* Officially licensed Premium Drum Set for Rock Band 2 video game on PS2 and PS3 game system
* Low-noise, velocity sensitive pads
* Fully-adjustable setup
* Extremely durable
* Expandable with third cymbal or second bass pedal
* Can be used as a standalone drum kit when used with optional Alesis DM5 module
* Can be connected to a PC to trigger sounds using the optional Alesis Trigger|iO

* Complete drumset for Rock Band 2 on PS3 and PS2
* Four gum rubber drum pads with mounts
* Two gum rubber cymbal pads with mounting arms
* Drum pedal
* Pro-quality drum rack for mounting all pads and controller
* All necessary cables
* One pair of drumsticks

Q: Is Drum Rocker compatible with Guitar Hero: World tour?
A: While Drum Rocker was designed specifically for use with the Rock Band franchise, Activision has included Rock Band peripheral support in Guitar Hero: World Tour. What this means is that if you plug your Drum Rocker into your console and play Guitar Hero: World Tour, the game recognizes the kit and changes the drum part accordingly. Note that Drum Rocker works with GH:WT exactly the same way that the Harmonix drum kit works; your Drum Rocker cymbals will duplicate the drum pads just as they do in Rock Band.

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