Sidekic Tripod Mount & Stand til iPhone 4S / 4 - Sort

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Undgå rystelser og uskarpere billeder. Denne enhed kan anvendes med din iPhone (4 eller 4S), til at montering på en tripod eller som stander. Fungerer med alle standard tripods.

Sidekic Tripod Mount & Stand til iPhone 4S / 4 - Sort

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When the iPhone was first released the camera seemed like a bit of an afterthought, but as owners of the 4 and 4S know that is no longer the case, with the camera producing great images and even HD video. It is now a genuine option for people wanting to not carry around a point-and-shoot to take pictures on their phones.

The iPhone is great, but it doesn't have a tripod mount, and a mount makes it a lot easier to take good loking videos that don't suffer from that annoying shake you see in so many YouTube videos. The small Sidekic device provides a safe and secure way to quickly attach your iPhone (4 or the new 4S). It grips your phone strongly - your phone will be secure and you'll be on the way to smoother videos and crisper photos.

There is a small ridge on the inside of the device to allow the buttons on the side of the iPhone to sit in, allowing a flat and flush fit, but with iOS5 bringing the ability to use the buttons as a shutter release I'd recommend fitting your phone into the Sidekic with the buttons on the top of the phone.

This device should work with any tripod that has the standard screw-style mount, so you shouldn't need to buy a new tripod to use it.

- Holds your iPhone in 4 different ways, including on a tripod!
- Standard tripod mount, 1/4"-20 thread (works with the tripod you've got)
- Works with the iPhone 4 or 4S (no case)

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